Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Start of Summer...

Doesn't that just sound like a book title? It is such a charming phrase.
The start of our summer has been raining non stop for about a week!
 It is a wonderful thing! It smells quite like heaven outside and quite like baking inside. *grin* I only hope our carrot seeds haven't floated away!
Here's a little of what I've been up to over here at The Three Spinsters...

Tea, Bible and journaling in the morning...
Reading... (after chores, of course.) :]
Haven't read an adventure novel in a while.. much less a western... Thoroughly enjoyed it.
This book belonged to my Great Aunt Lorraine who I never got to meet. It has her name written on the inside.♥ The book was printed in the 1920's I believe. It is so much fun to read a book that has been around and in my own family almost a hundred years!
 Also... Getting ready to plunge head-long into a knitting frenzy!
 Gen is teaching me how to knit, and I simply adore it already! 
So, when Knit Picks had a sale on these gorgeous interchangeable circular needles.. I decided to quit beating about the bush and buy the whole set! Yay!
 It came with a few lengths of cables, end caps, and these pin things to tighten the needles onto the cables (Aren't I scientific with my terminology?), a bag to hold everything and needles from a size 4 - 11.
Aren't they beautiful? They're called Sunstruck. OH! Doesn't that just make you think of Summer and sailing and pink lemonade and swimming and picnics? I also got some stitch markers that are PURPLE! Yay again!

  The Jane Austen Knits magazine and this yarn I received from my Aunt as a 'thank you'. Wasn't that sweet! I'd like to make something from the magazine with it. So that was what gave me the nudge to learn to knit. 
 And once I'd been sucked into the knitting vortex... (Don't deny it's a real thing, you knitters.)  :)
I bought this pattern book because it has such lovely patterns in it!
This one is called Baudelaire.
 Can't remember what this one's called but I love it!
And it's an EASY pattern. Yay.
 Other than knitting.. Aimee and I had our first ballet recital in 5 years! It was so much fun!
 We made these for some of the girls in our class.
I made the hair clips and Aimee made the prints. The quote is:
"There is a bit of Insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good." - Edwin Denby
 And some embroidery...
 Clouds are my favorite! They are so beautiful and interesting! Of course, I live in the desert which doesn't see clouds ALL the time, so I can afford to like clouds. :)
And they're fun to embroider to boot, which makes them even more awesome!

I hope you are enjoying the start of your summer!
Please tell me what you've been doing!!
♥ Marguerite


Liesl said...

So much happening! (I got that knit picks set and love them.)

SisterlyLove said...

So beautiful Marg!


Ella Beyer said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic summer so far!! And thats so awesome you and aimee had a ballet recital!!! yay :)
I cant wait to see what you will knit with all your new goodies!!
Clouds are quite delicious creatures. We have had so many thunderstorms this summer that I have actually gotten inspired to paint some storm clouds! I was super nervous at first but they ended up being so much fun to paint that Im quite smitten with them and will probably fill up our entire house with little cloud paintings... :)
xoxo merry

Sandra said...

Looks amazing. I'm going to get married en have a great Celebration party!

Emaline Foster said...

Congratulations Sandra! What a wonderful thing to celebrate!