Monday, January 16, 2012

For me?

Here are some lovely presents I received this year....
Lovely handmade bags. One for books and one for knitting!
Mmm! Art and organizing stuff!
Handmade presents. Aren't they beautiful?
Some comfy and beautiful new clothes, socks and a gorgeous handmade wide infinity scarf in purple made by my mom (she takes orders)! I also got some really cute slippers which I have on my feet right this minute. 

I love this movie. I also received another favorite movie.. The Importance of Being Earnest! Too funny!
June Flower bracelet from Victoria Trading Company.
Gorgeous silk flower hair clip handmade by my sis-in-law. Isn't it pretty? I've worn it practically every day since Christmas. Really!
I thought these were so cute!
I ♥ (and play) viola!
Whale notebook from this Etsy store.
Sewing and yarn supplies! I always need them. And finally, my very own pea pod needle case by Marg!
Gorgeous handmade shabby chic notebook. It came in this beautiful hand printed bag! So beautiful.
I feel so blessed to have received all of these beautiful gifts. I also got some books and things but I will post about those on my book blog, Jane and Elizabeth.

How about you? Does your family exchange gifts? Do you have a favorite gift that you received this year?



Knitted Home said...

I LOVE Young Victoria; what a beautiful movie & soundtrack. The first time I watched it was on Netflix while knitting :) All your gifts are beautiful, & that yellow pom-pom necklace looks like it would pump up a lot of outfits :) Thanks for sharing!

Anna Kristine said...

Oooh lovelies.... I don't know what my favorite present would be...Robin Hood? My Bear Paw boots? Walker foot for my sewing machine? I can't choose!

lindsi said...

what wonderful presents! i loove that pea pod needle case. and the young victoria is one of my favorites too!