Friday, January 6, 2012

Delightful Surprise

The lovely Elissa from Delightful Hands blog sent us a little Christmas surprise! It arrived on what we like to call Christmas Eve Eve. One of the best days of the year. Everything is done (almost...) and you're baking cookies and listening to Christmas songs and you have that lovely feeling of anticipation for the upcoming festivities.  Peaceful is the word. And it was so lovely to receive this very special gift in the mail. There were squeals and oohs and aahs galore.

This is what we found inside:

Everything was glittery and beautiful! A sweet card with sweet words outside and in. Don't you just love that red chevron pattern? Oh, and of course it was glittered. 

I love these homemade snowflake stickers! Isn't she clever?

And these gorgeous Nordic inspired gift tags! Packaged so beautifully! These are in her shop and we had already been oohing and aahing over them. They are even prettier in person. In fact, so pretty that we don't want to use them. Aimee said that she was going to write "To Aimee, Love Aimee" on them just so she could keep them. I had the same thought. :)

 And last, we found this beautiful glittery snowflake ornament which was hung on the tree before you could say "So pretty!".

It just happened to match our tree perfectly! Normally we have colored lights and a mismash of ornaments but this year we decided to try a "matchy-matchy" tree. All white lights and red, pink, white, silver and gold ornaments. Doesn't it look pretty?

I told you it was delightful! You should check out her shop and all the beautiful things she has made. I adore this Valentine's Day card! Oh and this embellished notebook! Oh and this! Ok, I love all of it. :)

Thank you so much Elissa for brightening our Christmas with your thoughtful gifts and words! You have a sweet, sweet spirit that shines though everything you do.
and Aimee


Elissa said...

Aw, I am so very glad you enjoyed your little Christmas parcel. I very much enjoyed putting it all together. Thank you for your kind sweet words!


Anna Kristine said...

What a sweet package! My I am feeling so behind on gift giving this year...SOMEDAY I will be ahead of the game. :) And your tree is lovely!

Knitted Home said...

It is all so lovely! Now I'm off to peruse her shop. Love your Christmas tree, it is out of a book!