Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it's snowing sweaters and acorn patterns

i guess i could just *sigh* right now...

Outside the window pane it is raining, snowing and sleeting. All at the same time. It remains colder than ever... Not cold enough to make the fond freeze over (yet) but cold enough to seep past your skin and rattle your bones. "Judy! Shake me up!"
How am i supposed to keep warm?? maybe i should make myself a sweater.. I found this lovely one on Ravelry...
I would have to learn how to knit though.. It's called Acorns.
I love the color of it. so pretty..

It must be all about acorns today! I just finished frosting some woodland Acorn Cookies that simply say, "hey!" to you, they're TOO CUTE! I hope to get some photos of them before they get demolished. ;) They're really yummy. ;) Hope to be up here with photos of all the goodies we're making today for this woodland themed baby shower! (Gen, you're going to do that right?) hee hee! "Once there was a magical elf who lived in a rainbow treeeeee..."

Please enjoy this song from Amelie...It's perfect for a rainy day!


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SisterlyLove said...

That's a gorgeous song! I want to learn it. I think I will... What's it called m'dear?