Monday, November 22, 2010

Cinderella, you're as lovely as your name... -- MMMM

I'm listening to this song and wishing i was not sick and could smell all the lovely smells that i know are simply diving into my nose. *huff*.. oh well. But i am in the process of putting a magazine together.. Who knows if it will even work, or by the time its done, if you would have already long forgotten what it was i was making. but something will, perhaps, come of it. and if it does, i will most gladly share it with you. ;)

for this Monday Moments of Mere Movie Madness...i think that was only supposed to be 4 m's..
I have just fallen inlove with Cinderella.. She's so lovely!
I even found these lovely Cinderella things on etsy:
Fabulous pair of greenish shoes
Gorgeous bows...Shoe clips
Simply divine Recycled Journal
Beautimous flowery wreath

now listen to this song~



SisterlyLove said...

Cinderelly, Cinderelly!! Love those shoes! And love the song. :)


Elissa said...

What a great post, you can't beat the songs in Cinderella. Even my six year old brother likes them :)

Sorry to hear you are sick. What a dreadful time to be missing out on all the lovely scents! Hope you get feeling better very soon! <3