Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I wanted to show you this tea. It's divine. No really... it is. The name, I'll admit, sounds revolting in almost every way. However... It is delicious! Of all the Yogi teas I've tasted (although I've not tasted them all) I haven't tasted one I don't like. And this is the one I'm currently infatuated with. I've had a cold the last couple days so I've been drinking lots of this tea! I think it's helping! -well, that and all the vitamins I've been taking and of course, my Concoction. =]This is what the box used to look like. (I like the old boxes better.) =] We get it at Whole Foods but I'm sure they sell it other places too. I love it that it's 100% Natural and that it has lots of good stuff in it. Plus, even though it's Green tea, it's herbal. Cool, eh? (Still, not quite sure how that works...) It is not a bitter tea at all, which is great. I like to drink it with a little bit of honey to sweeten it and sometimes when I'm in need of a little extra warmth and want to kick my cold in the pants, (not sure what that really meant...) I put a little tiny bit of cayenne in it. Warms you right through!
Anyway... I hope everyone is doing great! Happy Autumn! I love this time of year.. And I mean to enjoy it to the fullest! I hope everyone will do the same.


Adelheide said...

Hello Miss Marguerite,
I left you a conversation on Etsy. But just in case you didn't notice here's another little note :)
The tea looks delicious!

baby love said...

Looks yummy :D
Going to have to look for it next time I make a trip to the grocery store!!