Tuesday, May 18, 2010


for this dress..
isn't she beautiful?
I love the lacing on the side/back seam. and the neat-o straps! check it out! they're skinny in the back and them wide on top! who'd-a thunk it! i wonder if they go skinny again in the front.... hmmmm.. that's the trouble with paintings. only one picture of them. *huff* but oh well. i guess you could think of it as a chance to come up with something original. ..
when i make this, *eyebrow action*, i will pose like this. with my hair in a draping braid and playing a lute! :D
if only i had a lute.. *sigh*


Allison Elizabeth said...

Once I borrowed a lute from my great-grandma for a medieval play I was in, but I had to return it after the play was over. :(

Personally, I want a Banjo and a Mandolin. :)

Allison Elizabeth ♥

Hannah Rebekah said...

You girls are always so sweet. Thank you for the nice comments.


Stephanie Ann said...

The painting and dress are gorgeous. I hope you do get to make one.