Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ch air

it's fun to sit on air.
but if you fall and get a bonkin',
then i suggest you get a chair. 

goodness! wouldn't you love it sit in this?? 
but of course you would need a very neat vintage dress to suit it....
haven't you been inlove with this dress for ages? words fail me to describe's so fabulous!
but it's a lobster! and why WOULDN'T you want a lobster on your dress?
i had a thought... to embroider a lobster on a dress like this one. 
what do you think?

"What a day for a daydream," eh?


SisterlyLove said...

That chair would look awesome in my room.
I totally agree with you about the dress. It's "Fabo fabo"! =] What a great style too. Yes... I think you should either embroider of applique a lobster. 'twould be stunning!
xo Margo

Kathleen S. said...

Yes, indeedy! Thou mustest apply a lob to thine dress. I would tip it a little more, not so up-and-down, to make the look more almost seems to be tied by its tail to her belt! lol Try a dark red velvet *sigh* or felt(if you have to)! Use embroidery for the edges and feelers! A little seaweed, maybe? You may want to do a half-circle-or-less, smooth-type skirt instead of a bubble, but it's your dress. Be sure and post pics if you do! :)

And I would give almost anything to have a chair like violets, reds, burgundy and hot pinks! Why oh WHY do we moderns have so little room in our houses????! Oh, for a castle!...

Hannah said...

I love the red long dress. Its so cute.

Have a nic day!


Hannah Rebekah said...

Hope you are a nice day!