Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fabo-fabo Decals..

I like a tree.. don't you?

So inlove with Wall Decals! i can't get enough of them! Etsy is the place to find them. :)


Wonderland21 said...

I a-d-o-r-e wall decals!
Right now we are renovating our kitchen, and my mom and I liked the look of wall decals, but not the price. So we printed off some adorable silhouettes from Google, and traced them onto the wall. we did a girl and 3 birds, and we are thinking about adding a Bible verse... that is if my dad doesn't make us paint over it! He says "It's too girly". lol

Glad to see you back to posting!

Allison Elizabeth ♥

Kathleen S. said...

Me too...I love the sleek, smooth swept-clean look of those photos...*sigh* Aimee`, how come we can't live in houses like that??? It takes so much clutter to live....*sigh* *sob* :P

I especially like the all white with the colored-branch-behind-the-couch one...and the teal-background-with-the-white-tree one. *groan*

(falls on floor in ecstasy of longing)