Monday, September 28, 2009

a vintage wedding..

Aren't these photos pure happiness?? I LOVE all the dresses and frills and flappers! it also looks like everyone learned "The Charleston"!!
her hair just so happens to be PERFECT for it too! I love her head piece with the flowers on it! and her bouquet is the perfect vintage looking bouquet ever!

I love the decorations! and how everyone came in vintage 20's style..
this is a super cute idea! They had photo shoots with the bridal party and bride and groom and they had them at the wedding for people to take home and look at.this photography is so beautiful!I love how goofie everyone is! it looks like they were having waaay too much fun! the heart shaped glasses are awesome. :) and well.. you would have to have these names to get hitched so awesomely!
I'll leave you to plan your wedding.. but i thought this would inspire you. :) *cheers*


Adelheide said...

Those are so cute!!! Whose wedding was this?

SisterlyLove said...

Oh aren't they splendid? I just found the photos on a wedding blog called perfect bound. But you can also see more photos of it if you type in ginny and ed's wedding. i think its a flicker address. there juuuust so cute! love you Heide!

Adelheide said...

Thanks Aimee! Wouldn't it be fun to be friends of Ginny and Ed! :D

civilwardancer said...

I LOVE it Amy!
Love you