Wednesday, July 1, 2009

fruit and fun..

how about summer? you ready to party? I am CRAVING Volleyball and iced tea. I want to go swimming in a really mucky pond. I wish for summer thunderstorms and singing birds. The flowers are so pretty this year! I was outside enjoying the nice air and looking at all the flowers.. I don't think they were as pretty as that last year. But maybe i just wasn't looking. hmm. I love the look of lemons too! aren't they happy? this is a polyvore i made. *grin* I have a liking for Yellow. can you tell? (if you click on the picture it will show you all the things up close:))

Yellow is my favorite color. Whats yours?


SisterlyLove said...

I love this aims!! My favorite color is purple and in fact, I am making a purple polyvore right now! ha! But now that I see your yellow one....I may have to change my fav color! ;)

Mysteriously, Genevieve has disappeared! Perhaps she has gone to find some lemonade? -The Management

SisterlyLove said...

This makes me want to pucker and at the same time my mouth is watering. I'm thirsty.

SisterlyLove said...

ha ha! your funnie! Thank you girlys for the wonderful comments! i feel like an orange cream. :D Love!

Anna Kristine said...

My favorite color is blue of course. ;) But lately I'm really loving this certain shade of green. Not sure what it's called. But really...I'm all about most colors...unless I'm not about them at all. Love the sunny rightness of this one...and now I wish I had some Burt's Bees. I used all mine up. I got this really yummy one called Lifegaurds's amazing. :) But now it's all gone. :( Wow...I'm really wordy today aren't I?