Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My days are sillily occupied.. I enjoy quoting movies and polyvore and swooning over battle scenes and railing about something or another. Drinking tea with berry sorbet. Sketching wood nymphs. Getting the mail.. I never tire of getting the mail. I never get anything. But its so fun to take a walk in the weather and soak up the air and just as you reach the mail box you can sing the "mail" song from Blues Clues! "Here's the mail, It never fails! Makes me want to wag my tail! When it comes I want to wail MAAAIIIILLLL!!!" Ha ha! happy is the mail! ..the flag is down. I know I checked it five minuets ago but he just might have come! Oh how I wish he would!...No. nothing. sad and empty. But I'm out again with the next five minuets. So no permanent damage. only on Sundays.. I seem to forget the mail doesn't come that day. I want Ice Tea. it's such a summery thing to drink! Good and tasty. This doesn't have anything of what I'm talking about but it's a "paint it pretty" polyvore..
Paint it pretty
Paint it pretty by Gesh"247 featuring Diane von Furstenberg dresses

I love Peacocks.. Don't you think there so friendly? well.. we did meet one that was rather scary. He was standing there just casually looking around, We were looking right back at him but then we all got hungry so out came our lunch and we were happily gobbling down our sandwiches thinking nothing could be better! When he let out a squawk all crazy like! Only two feet behind us. It scared us all so bad we screamed. It was a fun picnic with our uninvited guest. Silly me! I shall see you all again someday..
xoxxxoxxxx I always believe in more kisses and hugs! The more, The merrier!


SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha!! you're so funny Aims!
I LOVE your peacock polyvore! Good job! It turned out so nice!

Adelheide said...

:D I sing the blues clues song too! And my family rolls their eyes and pretend not to be related to me!

SisterlyLove said...

ha ha! I love it! "MAAAIIIILLLL"!! thank you marge! I AM very pleased that you like it! good day my happys!