Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things I Love...

Marmee got this Origami set for me on my last birthday. It is so fun! I had never tried origami before and I found it most enjoyable! Here are some I made to give as Christmas cards!
(L to R: zebra, dolphin(front), gorilla and lion)
A lovely stamp that I used on almost all of my other Christmas cards. =] (Thanks Beck!)
Another thing that I found is very fun to do is make envelopes out of grocery bags! Whole Foods had these bags for Christmas that had fir branches and cones on them! So I used them for Christmas cards, envelopes and gift tags.

Another thing that I really love is hot cocoa! mmm....

Add peppermint marshmallows and it becomes simply divine! (Sorry Anna, but there just is no other word for it. ) ;}
I hope everyone is having a lovely 1st week of 2009! Woohoo!!


Miss Jen said...

What a great idea about using grocery bags for Christmas cards!! Trader Joe's has some really neat paper bags sometimes and I used to think..."What could I do with those." Now I know what I can do with them! ;)Your blog is simply beautiful.

Blessings in Christ,
Miss Jen

What a great playlist...I'm indeed a big Bing Crosby fan as well!

Anna Kristine said... can say they're divine, as long as you give me credit for my creative wordage. ;) haha jk
I love your origami! I think the zebra is my favorite. But their all sooo cool. :) I want to get some giraff paper and make a giraff! :) They are so stinkin' cool.
And isn't it funny how everybody seems to be using those bags? Mom used some on her jelly jars for gifts. :)