Thursday, January 22, 2009

John Waterhouse

I absolutely love these paintings. So, I thought I would share them with you. They are all by John Waterhouse (1849–1917).
I would love to make costumes of some of these! Beautiful!



Leah said...

Oh these are some of my FAVORITE paintings!!! Thank you for sharing them. I TOTALLY agree with you, I wouldn't mind an outfit like these! :)

Miss Jen said...

John Waterhouse is one of my all time favorite artists as well!! Oh my, costumes would be lovely...... ;)
I always enjoy stopping by your blog.
Thanks for sharing Mr.Waterhouse's beautiful truly brightened my day.

Blessings~ Miss Jen

SisterlyLove said...

So beautiful Margie! Wouldn't it be fun to make the costumes and do a photo shoot and pose like the paintings. Maybe we could go to the Metolious and get some pretty shots. :)

Love these sis!

Amanda Flynn said...

Waterhouse is my favorite pre-raphaelite artist - absolutely amazing. When I get my own house (no pun intended ;) I'm going to have his artwork all over the place! :)

Adelheide said...

Oh they are so beautiful! You know, they kind of remind me of you and your sisters. The long beautiful hair, gorgeous dresses...


SisterlyLove said...

Thanks everybody! Yes, he definitely is my favorite too. =]
The faces that he does are always so beautiful....
I just finished a renaissance dress that I've been making for quite some time now, so hopefully I can post some pictures of it soon!
And yes Gen, we shall have to do a photo shoot some time! Too bad we don't have any castles or ruins near by... That would be saweet!

Aww.. *blush, blush* You're so kind Heidi. =]
Me thinks we need to have another sewing day! That was fun!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and comments. =] It is so encouraging! I love all of your blogs! Such lovely places to visit! xo

Anna Kristine said...

Come to England! I know a place for the best photo shoot ever!

Love these Marg...totally want to make costumes. Except I've decided I hate sewing today. So it wont be until tomorrow.

Katrina said...

What a pretty blog... love those paintings... I'm gonna show my sister... she would be thrilled with this.

And the music is breathtakingly beautiful... good choice. (smile)

Thanks for stopping by today, Aimee!
I appreciate your comment.