Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wedding Cake Continued....finally!

Well, here I am finally! I had a few set backs after my last post, one was a wedding, the other a camp and lastly an accident. More on those things later. I thought I should pick up where I left off. So it's time for...........................(drum roll please!)...................CAKE!!

That is a lot of cake. :)
We wrapped each layer in plastic wrap and foil before we stuck them in the freezer so that they wouldn't taste like a freezer. Ick.

Here is one of the sheet cakes being leveled and split into layers. VERY important when making any cake that is stacked on itself. We weren't TOO type A about it. ;)

Then we painted on the moistening syrup to make the cake more....moist. We used vanilla flavored. Mm! Then we did a layer of frosting and a layer of strawberry jam in the white cakes and a fudgy chocolate filling in the chocolate cake. Each tier was 4 layers. So, three layers of filling. My mouth is watering....

This is the frosting for the crumb coat. It is the same frosting (cream cheese) but we didn't want to get crumbs in the rest of the frosting. We thought that might defeat the object of the crumb coat! A crumb coat is a very good idea. As you might have guessed, it keeps the crumbs from showing through the frosting. After we applied the crumb coat we stuck the layers in the refrigerator to await the final frost. Mmm....Quinn approves of the crumb coat! :)

The guys looking for hand-outs i.e. crumbs and drips. :) Actually, there were a LOT of crumbs and pieces of cake left over from the leveling so we froze them and made a few trifles later. SO good. :) Erro had fun "helping" Aunt Robyn to make more frosting.
It was a bit of a daunting task frosting all those cakes!
Look how huge this layer is!

And here is the final product. It looks so small in this picture! This is after we set it up (scary, scary!!) and put the final coat of frosting on. Actually, the setting up went so smoothly. We were so happy. That was the thing we were most nervous about. We used heavy cardboard under each tier and inserted dowels into each tier to keep it from crushing itself. You wouldn't believe how heavy each tier was after adding all the filling and frosting. Especially the 16-inch round and the sheet cakes. Whew! We didn't even try to move the fully assembled cake. I don't even want to know how many pounds it was.

This is Robyn and Mom adding the flowers and ribbon for the finishing touch. They added a lot more flowers after I took this picture but I didn't get a chance to take another so you'll just have to imagine how beautiful it was.

The Bottom Line?
We had a wild but good time making it and it was so delicious. And so very worth it. We made this cake for a fraction of the cost and we had tons left over. Two sheet cakes to be exact! (How do you say.......miscalculation?) But, it was really nice to have a lot of cake left over to share and eat and eat and eat and eat........



Carla said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! :)

Very pretty wedding cake! Looks so good to eat but too beautiful to want to at the same time.
Anyways, it sure looks like making a wedding cake is a big job!

Anna Kristine said...

This is exciting. Only I want to know...where is the leftovers and why have I not had any? Or did you eat it all up before I got home?
~Anna Kristine

The Jantzen family said...

Wow!!! You girls are AMAZING! I miss you waaay too much!

SisterlyLove said...

Thank for coming by ours Carla! Love your blog. Awesome. All of you need to go over there and see.

Anna...we don't share with you..just kidding!! This is Cherie's cake, not Angela's. I think you had some of the leftovers. In fact, I'm sure you did.

ha ha Jantzens! Don't you remember? I get up at 5:30 in the morning and do all the cleaning and baking for the entire family! It was just a day like any other. Haha. Just kidding. Miss you too!!


Miss C. said...

Wow!!! You all did a BEAUTIFUL job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!