Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sweaters. Oh how I love them!

Oh Fall. I'm always so excited about fall. There is such beauty to be seen everywhere. I love the way the crisp air makes you feel so fresh and alive! And of course, you can wear sweaters without feeling like a pot roast. Oddly enough, I don't wear sweaters that often. I'm not sure why. I love them so much. Especially these from Anthropologie.

Elfin Hoodie
(I love the name!)
Brekka Cardigan

And these from Boden:

Cozy Wrap

Soft Drapey Tie Front Cardi

Here are a few handmade sweaters from sellers on Etsy!

Ribon Hand Knitted Sweater
by Ledimi

uPcYcLeD Hoodie
by Katwise

Aren't they beautiful? There are so many. I might just do another post dedicated to sweaters and hoodies! Have a lovely Sweater Day!



emme said...

Oh! How lovely...☺

Thanks so much for sharing!


Carla said...

LOVE all the sweaters!
The first one is so pretty

SisterlyLove said...

Thanks for the comments girls! I love the first one too. I think I have to say that the "Little Blue Riding Hoodie" is probably my favorite. I don't know, I love them all! :)
Thanks for looking.


Anna Kristine said...

Oooh....so cozy. I love the purply one. It's rather fairy like. :)

SisterlyLove said...

I know, so lovely! :)