Monday, December 10, 2007

Lights, Paper, and Advent Log

LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS!!! Who ever thought of Christmas lights was genius!
We are decorating our tree with colored lights!

What in the world are they doing putting PINK Christmas lights on a tree?

I don't think pink is a very Christmas-y color. Do you?
Funky huh? Its so fun to do this! when you take the picture to move the camera in what ever direction or shape!

I'm not exactly sure how i did this one!


This is my "Extreme Paper Stack" its HUGE! That's why its called "Extreme"!

hee hee...

That's Right! 360!!!

Crazy huh?

I can't wait to make some thing's out of it!


Our Advent Log

We start out with one. And on the next day we light the one on the other side. And etc...
Up until Christmas Eve. When there all lit they look georgous!On Christmas Eve we light the last one in the middle! Its such a sight! The one thing that's a problem is the bench in front of it. The candles come to... hmmmm... just the right height. Lots of us happen to sit there with our hair down... While there lit. Yikes!
Merry Christmas!


Annie said...

wow, that is an extreme stack of paper! DO you know what you want to use it for? Hmm...... you could make tons of paper airplanes for your tree.(jk):)
I think pink could maybe work for Christmas. But, I do think green and red of course is more like Christmas.
Love you girl!

Charissa said...

haha :) wow
that's pretty cool :)

Miss C the Second said...

Love the advent log! :D Kess made an advent wreath!!!! I like the idea that we both have a LOG HOUSE!

SisterlyLove said...

These are such cool pictures Aims!!

I really like the one with the green light!

only 14 days til CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Christmas is one of my FAVORITE things!!
I'm sort of a christmas fanatic. =]

YAY!! Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!
I love you!

~Marguerite =]

The Jantzen family said...

Wow, you got fancy with the camera!

Merry Christmas! Miss you tons and tons!

Annie said...

I am glad that you have Christmas shopped. I still have to get a few things. I wished I was done.:) What are you ladies doing for Christmas?? Hope you have a great Christmas!
Love you Aims

Annie said...

Wasn't last night great??? Wow, Tory is SO good at the piano!!
Love you!

SisterlyLove said...

That was awesome! I love Choir concerts. :) Love ya Annie!