Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas cheer and some pillows...

I. Love. Christmas.
Have I said that before? I really do. 
I've realized that Christmas and the decorations and little traditions make me feel so happy! So why not surround myself with all things Christmas? 

Here are some pillow cases I made for Christmas time! 

I bought the fabric on sale at Joanns during their after Christmas sale in January. Isn't it so vintage? I love it! 
The trim is vintage cotton trim and the cases are reversible! They have holly and bows on one side and angels and deer on the other!

 The throw pillow I made from an old printed embroidery panel that a very lovely person sent to me on etsy as a gift when I bought my copper kitchen things for my doll house. Wasn't that so sweet? I  just LOVE it! 

The fabric I used for the rest of it (also Joanns) is a forest scene on cotton that's sparkly!
So happy!

I hope you will all have a wonderful December and are as excited about Christmas as I am!
Please let us know what you've been crafting or planning to craft this month! We'd love to hear!

Happy December! Cheers!


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Grace said...

These are darling! What a lovely fabric - and I love the little trim you added to it. Fantastic job. :)
Thank you also for the sweet comment you left in my garden. I appreciate your kind words. <3