Thursday, March 14, 2013

flaming red hair

I love red hair.
I love songs about red hair.
("flaming red hair")

I really, really love red hair.
 (Consequently, my awesome sister got me this Merida Barbie for Christmas. "Oh yes!")
I want red hair.

So, I got some red henna and henna shampoo.
 And Gen and Aimee caked much green gooey stuff all over my head of hair...

 And here's the results.
Not exactly "flaming red hair" because my hair is dark brown and henna doesn't lighten it, it just brings out the highlights... but it's oh so much fun!

My cuddly sheep sweater from old navy (LOVE).
Boots from my Aunt. ♥
Kilt, vintage Aljean.
I always wonder if I should wear my kilt... Then I think, "why NOT wear a kilt?"

Tried different settings on Picasa for even more red. =]
Next time... I'm going more red... hopefully... if it works. :)


farmgirl said...

Soooo very lovely!
Hope to see you all soon ;)
Mrs. m

SisterlyLove said...

Thank you Mrs. M!!
I miss you! What a delight to hear from you!


Liesl said...

Your hair is so crazy gorgeous! I tried reddish hair once but it didn't suit me. I just don't have the right coloring.
You should look for images of Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy. She pulled off red hair well.