Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Thought

Hello lovely butterfly friends!

Yes, that was completely random.

We're all sick at our house today. Pookey.
So we're all staying home today, resting (hopefully) and taking very strong and healthy concoctions.
Such as apple cider vinegar mixed with cayenne pepper and salt and water. It's called Fire Water. Yeah. It's potent stuff.

Isn't this picture from Anthropologie delicious? Oh! I love their wild quilts and comforters! It makes me want to snuggle down under the covers and just think of nothing else.
And what, to my wondering eye did appear? But the very same chair that I have right beside my own bed! (I am so in. Ha ha!) I'm using it for a "temporary" night stand. Because the only furniture I have to my name is a plant stand. My Mother is very gracious and of course lets me use hers since I'm living at home. Oh, what a comfort to live at home! "What else would bring one anywhere?" 
(I think that's from Persuasion...)
It is a very cool plant stand though, that my brother made for me! It was actually supposed to be a night stand, but I didn't want to put it behind my bed cause you couldn't see it back there.
Here it is with the terrarium and orchid I got the same Christmas. Aren't they delightful?
The stand is made from a solid Juniper stump!

 Sorry for the terrible pictures. I'll have to get better ones some time.

Anyway.. enough of my ramblings. 
I hope you are all feeling well this lovely Spring day!

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Anna Kristine said...

I love that bedding from anthropologie...I want to climb in it! And I love your plant stand. Johnny is so clever :)
Miss you and hope all your colds go away. :P
♥ Anna