Friday, November 18, 2011

Snow, snow, snow, SNOW!

 We woke up to snow today and it's beautiful! It's breath taking no matter how many times you've seen it! Unfortunately I didn't take this picture... isn't it pretty though? All this snow puts me in the mood to eat this:

Watch this:

Wear this:

And make this: 

Just click on links to be taken to the source. The Fair Isle cowl is only $12! Can you believe it? Have a pretty day!


Anna Kristine said...

Gah....I want to make those mittens too! I have been dying to try muiltcolor knitting but haven't been brave enough yet. And I'm jealous of the snow...we don't get much of that here. We do get lots of rain though. Feels like England the way it comes dumping down. I think it's cozy though. :)

Knitted Home said...

You've had snow already? Did it stick?

I love your description of cozy. It is right up my alley, too! And I love the colors you chose :) I'm secretly excited for snow to stick over here in Ohio, but mostly I'm dreading the bone-chilling cold :( especially with the barely-insulated windows in our house.

Happy Tuesday!

SisterlyLove said...

This is wonderful Genevieve! I second the motion. all of them.
hee hee