Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Frances Ethel Gumm

If you had that name, would you change it? I love Judy Garland!

love, Aimee Here,
Aimee There,
Aimee should be in the Sun.
Happy June!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't she just gorgeous! I love Judy Garland :-)

SisterlyLove said...

What an adorable name for an adorable girl!! I especially love the Ethel part. Maybe because of that one show we like so much...



SisterlyLove said...

Long-haired Ethel... yes. so cute! "Frank, Ethel, out." hee hee!
You found the perfect word, Ann. Gorgeous. And don't you just love her hair styles?? simply stunning. :)

Thanks girls for the lovely comments!