Monday, January 31, 2011

today, tomorrow and yesterday..

My nevvie says, "Last day, we went to....such and such." Why is it so impossible for kids to learn yesterday? I haven't the slightest clue.
Today, however, I'm sick.

This is a photo i took of my "kleenex box" last year when i was sick. The contents of this garbage container was the product of only one day.
Thankfully, this time it isn't so bad. you can imagine what i sounded like!

Tomorrow, I hope to finish my screenplay adaption of this book by P.G. Wodehouse. Or rather.. simply the first story. = 1 chapter. 62 pages.
I'm getting there.
I would like to introduce, my favorite ribbon.
She's a grand old thing. She is the softest. The shiniest. Aaaaand the most ugly color of yellow/gold you've ever seen.
it's my finger.

Yesterday, not so Yesterday, I made myself this skirt.
Argyle and Houndstooth.

I have been doing this..
Making Crocheted Necklaces to someday put on PrettyWit, giveaway hERE, or just keep..

Working on..
Bringing the long necklaces back from the thirties, and tweaking them to work with an everyday, modern outfit.
Long and long.
Or just wrap them around and take it to an anthropologie picnic.
while we're having a picnic here --> pop on over there to see these paper-pretend-picnic-plates
They come in all shapes and sizes. Round-a-doodle! Next- I want to crochet a giraffe necklace. Do you think i could do it? Or do you think it's another one of my crazy ideas?
that's about it for now.
Hopefully you'll see all these things in the shop tomorrow (meaning anytime in the future).. but if you don't...well then.. it's tah-tah!
drink tea,
(All photos- courtesy of Genevieve Photography)


Rebecca said...

Ahhhhhh!!! So cute!! It makes me miss you all the more!!!!


Kathleen S. said...

You are funny even when you're sick. :) Sorry to hear you are under the weather! Feel better soon...or I shall *swoon*, Maybe I will anyway. I LOVE the color of that necklace!!!!! Lovely idea. :)

Clare said...

Whats a wonderfully unusual necklace.
Thankyou for sharing it.

SisterlyLove said...

Thank you Becca!

Kathleen S. pray do not swoon. i am much better now. and i knew you'd like that burgundy one. ;)

Clare--I relish ALL things that are wonderfully unusual. THANKS! hee hee

thank you all for the wonderful comments!