Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tasha Tudor Day!

Happy Tasha Tudor Day! This has been one of the happiest days ever! I'm an Auntie!... again! =] Hooray for babies, God's most wonderful creation!
We haven't done anything very astounding or exotic, we've just spent the whole day enjoying the simple and beautiful gifts God has given to us.
Tasha and her way of life are so fascinating to me. Even though our beliefs are most likely very different from Tasha's, there is a lot about her life style that is so inspiring! She loved living a good life. Simple, natural and fun (with lots of hard work)! She did what she loved to do. She walked barefoot all summer, made gifts throughout the year and kept them in a trunk until they were needed, decorated her house for holidays, played with her children, illustrated and wrote books for a living, cooked good food, did all kinds of crafts and always took joy in life!
I think if we make an effort every day to take joy in something or another, after a while we won't even have to try. =]
Her paintings and illustrations always reflected her own life and way of living.
Here are some pictures Genevieve took of the simple things we enjoy each day in our home or wherever we are.
Our cat Francesca chilling out in our vegetable garden...

Look at our lettuce! There is nothing better than home grown vegetables...
Tasha loved animals... Here is our dog General Jeb Stuart.

Yes... I do still play dress up and play with dolls AND have a marvelous time... what can I say?...
If you would like to see our doll blog go to Miss Emaline's Circle of Fashionable Friends
Today... we were a little bit preoccupied with thinking of, looking at, shopping for a certain baby =] so we didn't do much besides. However... we did make time to have afternoon tea. Something Tasha Tudor loved to do!

And it turned out to be a coldish kind of day with a little bit of rain to make it the perfect weather for a cozy day inside. We even got to start a fire in our wood stove!

On the menu was fresh pears, gluten/egg/dairy free cookie bars (actually very tasty!), mini chocolate chip cookies and...
...fresh figs! Aren't they so pretty? I actually started cutting up these figs before I even thought about having tea... then I thought, "These are just too pretty! I must have a little party to show them off." So out came the china, tea, cookies, flowers and even some table linens. It was one of those things that just kind of grows in the making. =]

It has been a wonderful day! Some time soon we're going to have our dear friend Mrs. F over to watch the Tasha Tudor videos. Yay! Honestly, I think she is even more Tasha Tudor than Tasha Tudor herself! Ha ha! No, but really.
Anyway... Thanks for reading my LONG post! I hope this day has been as happy for you all as it has for me. Good night and don't forget to Take Joy in everything. =]
xo Marguerite


SisterlyLove said...

Oh yes! That was so lovely. A perfect day. Thanks for making the tea things Marg!


Miss C the Second said...

My dear girls!!!! This post WAS soooo lovely! <3

I wanted to stop by your fun corner here, and ask if I will get to see you this weekend?!?! I've been packing and sewing....and thinking of you. I'd faint for joy to see you...and maybe some of those new 1850's dresses? (I just made one myself this year!)

Love you!