Monday, July 5, 2010

Bleak. Very bleak. - MMMM

Hello my film-fellow-freaks. :) We have found it at last! The trailer you've all been waiting for!
What made you want to see this (awesome) film when you first saw the trailer??
I can't decide weather it makes you want to see it more because it's such a dumb trailer, or make you declare you will "never see it, as long as you live"...? hmm.

as lame as this preview makes this movie look, it really is an AWESOME mini-series! I hope you go and watch it!
and pay attention to the filming and COSTUMES! it's all so pretty!

Have a bleak day. :)


Elinor Dashwood said...

I LOVE Bleak House!!!! I really wanted to watch the movie after watching the trailer, only the trailer makes Lady Dedlock seem like the bad character....
Hm... I think I need to watch that movie again. ;-)

SisterlyLove said...

HA ha!! Oh that is precious!!
How could such an awesome movie have such a lame trailer? Wow.
"Find out why Jillian Anderson is so bored" -- Honestly.
Ha ha!

LeAnna said...

LOVE this mini-series!