Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Movie Moments of Madness

Did everyone watch the new Emma on Masterpiece Classic last night? If you missed it, you can watch it here! If you did get to see it, what did you think of it? We liked it a lot. However, are a little disappointed with how modern most of the characters act. It doesn't seem to have the feeling of the era that we were expecting. I think that it's missing some of the restrained and polite yet pointed rhetoric that we Austen fans love to hear and quote. Most of the costumes, sets, music and other things are, however, very lovely.

Romola Girrai is, as always, BEAUTIFUL. I just think that she overplays the character and has made Miss Woodhouse too modern and outspoken. Jane Austen's Emma Woodhouse is outspoken but she does it all in an elegant and smooth manner that is consistent with the regency era (in my opinion). This Emma seems a bit awkward and...hyper. But, we're hoping that in the last episodes she will become more like the "real" Emma. I've seem Miss Girrai in many films and she always does an excellent and flawless job. I think that in this case it's the director or writers fault. They are trying to make the film appeal to a wider audience and following the "bratty heroine" formula that is so prevalent in films today.

"That man is so full of himself I'm surprised he can stay on that horse!"

We think that Blake Ritson as Mr. Elton is hilarious! Quite a change from his other period film. And of course who does not love Michael Gambon? Love him in everything I've seen him in.

I was quite agreeably surprised by Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightly. I mean, who could follow the handsome and wonderful Jeremy Northam? He IS Mr. Knightly! But, Jonny Lee Miller is a lovely albeit modern Mr. Knightly and does the job creditably. :) He plays the part differently than previous Knightly's but he adds a certain humanness and is more on the same level as Emma in making more mistakes and not always saying the right things. Letting his temper get the better of him in other words.

The next and last installment of Emma will air on television next Sunday, January 31st. Don't miss it! Here is the trailer in case you don't have any idea of what I'm talking about. (Don't forget to turn off the music on the sidebar first!)

Have a lovely day friends!
Genevieve and the girls ♥


-Laura- said...

I truly enjoyed the first part of Emma! I must admit that I have never read the book - I must also admit that I felt it a little slow in places & that some of Emma's (& others') mannerisms seemed quite modern (as you said), but the beautiful scenery & costumes (along with other colorful moments) more than made up for it. The last half of the program I truly enjoyed - I thought things began to pick up, & the mix-up with Mr. Elton made me giggle out loud. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your dear blogs! I have a fetish for scribbles myself.
Alas, I sought to post this upon the "Jane and Elizabeth" blog, but could not do so for lack of a Google Account or other new-fangles; I fear I am not as modern as that & am quite like Emma's sweet Harriet in the world of blogs!

SisterlyLove said...

Oh yes, Harriet. She is so clueless and lovable! Thanks for your comments! I'm sorry you were unable to comment on Jane and Elizabeth. Hmm..I'm going to have to fix that. :)
So glad you liked Emma too! Can't wait for next Sunday.

So glad you found our blog! I hope you come back and continue to enjoy our scribbles! :)

P.S. Yes, Mr. E made us laugh out loud as well. His bow was priceless!!