Monday, June 1, 2009

our theme song..

I love this movie.. We just recently had a Judy Garland marathon. We got "babes in arms" and "until the clouds roll by" (very good, awesome costumes, lovely music!) and "harvey girls" (that one i loved! this is a song that they sing in it. Its so perfect for us three spinsters. hmm? *grin*

I cant decide who is who...?
good day my fancy people!
xoxxxxx aimee


Amanda Flynn said...

Ahhh! Why didn't you call me?? I need a Judy Garland marathon in my life right now! ;) The Harvey Girls is so cute, like when she's threatening with the guns, and "I bet you think that's the first time I've ever been kissed! Ha!" or something to that effect. lol. And "great big world" is a favorite song of mine. Just classic.

Ok, you've officially made my day. :)

SisterlyLove said...

That was the best when she walked into the saloon with the guns. I loved it when she dropped it and everyone went to help her pick it up. Ha! Too bad you don't live closer!! You were the one who inspired us to rent the movies in the first place. :) So, thank you!