Monday, August 25, 2008

Feeling Domestic...

...Ahhh.... it's a good feeling. =] Sometimes I forget how fun it is to harvest things from the garden and then make dinner out of it all. Or that wonderful aroma of bread baking in the oven.
It's been awhile since I've done much of that. Today was a rather "fall-ish" kind of day. We did some weeding and harvesting in the garden. And then came inside and started a fire in the wood stove, baked bread while listening to the Little Women Soundtrack, cooked dinner and had a lovely day!
Here is one of our GIANT zucchini. It is a whopping 21 1/2" long and 15" around. (And probably would've kept getting bigger if we let it!)
Needless to say, we made bread out of some of it...
But there's plenty more where that came from!
Here are some cucumbers and little zucchini from our garden...

And some beans... (One was almost a foot long!)

Plums from our Tree.
What we did with the green beans... (green beans sauteed in olive oil and garlic)
Pasta, which we did not grow in our garden... =] (I was just experimenting with the camera...)
Here are two kinds of Banana bread that Aimee and I made out of 4 of the 10 rotten bananas we had in our freezer. (Scary, I know...)

And I was going to put pictures of the dinner we made, but I was so hungry at the time, that it vanished from my mind. Oh well...
I hope you all had a lovely day! xo ~Marguerite


Farmgirl said...

You ladies are wonderful!! It does feel like fall doesn't it? I got a zucchini like that from the valley when I was there. I am going to grate mine up for the freezer as well as use some of it to make a frozen "soup starter" recipe of my mother's. Watch my blog and you will most likely see the recipe there. :) It is a blessing to see you being domestic!! AND I cannot wait until Thursday!!!

SisterlyLove said...

Oooh... I would love to get the recipe (Or receipt as Tasha Tudor would say...) for the soup! It's always nice to get new recipes for things like zucchini that come in abundance! =] Soup is one of my very favorite things to eat! =]

See you on "Tasha Tudor Day"!