Friday, February 1, 2008

Shall we all play a game?

I know!...You are all allowed to write any rhyme you choose. Though you must play by the rules. It MUST be original!!! You can think of the most rediculous thing your mind can make up! Or shall I put it...ONE THING: Very clever. TWO THINGS: Moderately clever. or THREE THINGS: Very dull indeed! And pray do mark your name in the comment that contains your rhyme for then I may be able to keep you all straight! And since I am the host, I shall start!
This one you may be able to picture it more clearly if you sing it in a most Teeeedious country fashion! It's called:

"Big Bill Bungalow"

1.) Big Bill Bungalow.
No name for a bill. Although
Big Bills known for the best cup of joe
Just about everyone would say so.

2.) He hangs around the dusty streets.
Polishing shoes of stinky feet's.
With Davy Dunn he competes.
But Bill's cup-a-joe no one can beats.

3.) Come one Summer,
Big Bill's a plumber.
Kids all say he ain't been more funner.
But the real reason is he just got more dumber.

Very well my dear ladies and gentlemen. I have recited my THREE THINGS of "Very dull indeed!" So now it's your turn to take part in your own: 1 of "Very Clever.", 3 of "Very Dull Indeed!" or 2 for "So-so." Pray do so and the winner shall be rewarded!

With best regards,
Miss Aimee of the Three Spinsters Literary Society


Charissa said...

well ams...."well i'm sure i can come up with three dull things!" lol
actually, i don't think that i'm smart enough to come up with rhymes but i will try. :)

SisterlyLove said...

Glad to hear it darling! And i know you can. "All you got to do is put your mind to it! Knuckle down buckle down do it do it do it!" (as Roger Miller once sang...heh heh!)
Always with love,

Charissa said...

School is cool.

That is my rhyme...I'll let you know if I come up with any more fantastic rhymes! :) lol

Olivia said...

Okay did I do this right? Olivia

1)Sweet Sally Ann has a dear friend named Jan. Quite a pair they make; whenever they get together to bake.

2)The pair always wore bobbi pins; when going to visit next of kin. They always carried a comb in case their hair decided to roam.

3)One day Sally Ann and Jan made a new friend named Darlene; who wore clothes that were only dry clean. The trio could out shoot any one of ill repute.

SisterlyLove said...

Charissa- Charissa you quite out did me! I'm speechless...

Olivia- Very lovely Olivia! Tis' quite professional. Though I can hardly call it dull!

C'mon everyone! your votes are needed! the show mustn't go on with out your fantastical poems!
Yours truly,
Napoleon Dynamite...
heh heh...

Olivia said...

Thank you ladies! Do you ladies have a date of which all entries must be in? I really love reading you girl's blog... it reminds me of the girls from Little Woman when they are up in the attic!
Yours Truly, Olivia

SisterlyLove said...

Oh thank you Olivia! How sweet of you. We love Little Women. It is my favorite book. One time we made a paper just like they do. That was fun! Maybe we should try to post a picture of it on here. Thank you for your kind comments. Hope you continue enjoying our blog.
Love your rhyme by the way! Absolutely adore the last line. Anyone who uses the phrase "ill repute" is a friend of mine! :)

Let's see, let's make the deadline next Sunday the 17th. Is that long enough for you all? C'mon everyone, don't be fuddy duddies! Play the game! It's fun!

Love too all,

Annie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, my favorite Marsden girls! I hope you girls have a wonderful, special, blessed day. Love you!

SisterlyLove said...

Merrily, Merrily,
I say to thee,
'I prithee, be of good cheer!'
Then thou sayest to me 'I will hear.'
A little story of Mine own,
that in the wee hours was sown.
'Tis not of melancholy and grief,
But of Joy and merriment! but yet
'Tis brief.
As the morn turns day, and alas, the day must turn dark,
So was the life of the Aardvark.

In his youth, ever did he like to dig up and on the ants of the ground to sup.
Then bathe himself in the light of the moon,
Till he fell into deepest sleep when the night did swoon.
Just the dreams in his head and the music of the sky did he hear.
Not one sound as like to a dog or a deer.
Friends, had he none, the Aardvark of that land.
Yet lonely he was not for he had but known only himself and the sand.

Twas a sweet life and good,
For this Aardvark with no friend nor foe.
He cared not for 'goings on'
And things that would 'carry on' so.
Yay, twas a good life.
For an Aardvark with no strife.
For he did so love to dig and to sup,
and to bask, then to up.

But as all stories must have an end,
It is best for this into the world to send,
He lived a happy life and full.
And to him it never seemed too dull.

As for the moral, which I'd hope none would quarrel,
I give to you this little message of good wishes;

He never had to wash any dishes.

The End.

by Marguerite

SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! That was awesome Marge! :) I love it.

Olivia said...

Come on ladies are you going to post the winner or wait a few more days. I fear your dear sister has beat me. Olivia